by Alun Rees

Taffy is a Welshman,
Taffy is no thief.
Someone came to Taffy’s house,
And stole his leg of beef.

Taffy made no protest,
For he does not like a row.
So that someone called on Taffy once again,
And stole the bloody cow!

They have stole his coal and iron,
They steal his water too.
They try to steal his language
And flush that down the loo.

Taffy is a Welshman, Taffy is a fool,
Taffy voted No, No, No!
When they offered him Home Rule.

Six days a week, upon his knees
Taffy dug for coal,
On the seventh he is kneeling too,
Praying for his soul.

Now the mines are all closed down
And the chapels have had their day
Taffy still lives upon his knees,
He knows no other way.

Now some of Taffy’s brothers
Will start a row or so.
But you can bank on Taffy,
He does not want to know.

When they hanged  the innocent Penderyn
Taff had nothing much to say,
When Saunders Lewis went to gaol,
Taff looked the other way.

Taffy is the Welshman 
Who  likes to be oppressed
He is proud to tug his forelock
To a Crawshay or a Guest.

They gave him tinsel royalty,
So he has a pint of beer
And sings God Bless the Price of Wales
And joins the crowds to cheer.

Now Taffy is a fighter
When he hears the bugle call
Name any battle since Agincourt,
Taffy’s been in them all.

He has fought in France and Germany
And many other lands
He has fought on sea and fought in the air,
And fought on desert sands.

He has fought for a foreign flag
In many a far flung part
For Taffy is a Welshman
With a Welshman’s fighting heart.

He has fought the wide-world over
He has given blood and bone
He has fought for every bloody cause
Except his bloody own. 

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  1. Bravo! It has become ingrained in minds that Wales and the Welsh are a sub-species of England and their people and culture. One only has to listen to media presenters who mangling their own language make no attempt to pronounce “foreign” names anywhere near correctly. Come on respect the Red Dragon and blow the rest.

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