MINISTER of the Independent Church, TRANSLATOR, AND PRINTER.

Evan was born on the 18th of January 1795 at Gelli-Beblig, Betws, Nr Brynmenyn. the youngest of seven
children. His father died when he was 3 years old, and owing to the extreme poverty of the family he had
no educational advantages in life, his mother tutoring him at home using the family bible as a text book.

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Fannie Margaret Thomas of Pontycymer

 ‘A doughty warrior in the women’s cause’: by Ryland  Wallacern In April 1912 Miss F. M. Thomas, headmistress of the Ffaldau Girls’ School at Pontycymer in the Garw Valley, rose to address the National Federation of Women Teachers (NFWT) at its annual conference in Hull. This organisation was a pressure group within the National Union…

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The Wizards Of Wood Street

By Don Macivor During the 1930s the Pontycymmer Refuse Dump, was more commonly known as ‘The Ash Tip.’ This was located just below Park St, and the Bowling Green & Tennis club. All kinds of refuse was dumped there daily, but it was mainly ashes from all the coal fires in use at the time,…

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