Tragedy at Blaengarw ‘Shows’ – 1907

A tragic accident ocurred at Blaengarw on Saturday night, When a young collier of 18, fell from the Swingboats at a travelling show in Blaengarw. John Collins, of 40. Alexandra Rd. was in one of the fairground rides with his friend,Edward Roberts, when he toppled out and landed on his head. Collins was unconscious and conveyed to hospital, he lingered for several days before dying of his injuries.

At the inquest Mr. Neill, the fairground proprietor was called to give evidence. He said that both men in the swingboat had both been standing up, and they had been repeatedly cautioned by him, he was in the act of moving forward to apply the ride brake, when he looked up and saw something fall sideways from the boat.

Edward Roberts gave evidence that “ he was in the boat with Collins at the time of the accident but, they had been sitting down during the ride,and only stood up to exit the swingboat.” A verdict of Accidental Death was recorded. John Collins was buried in Gelli ron Cemetery with a great number of the Rose of Garw Lodge members in attendance.

Taken from local newspaper sources and abridged.


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