Fifty Sheds of Grey

0b4b97da9e81ddfc68b29783b5195e1eBack in the 70s the old Washery at Blaengarw was demolished to make way for a more modern building.

I was lucky enough to get a job on the new site as a ‘handyman / teaboy’ which involved generally helping the site craftsmen, steel erectors, welders etc.

The steel girder framework went together like a giant Meccano set. Once it was up the site boss asked me if I wanted some weekend work, painting the lot with primer; the paint was already stored in a lock-up on site.
Come the morning of the painting, the shed was opened and Lo and Behold, the paint had vanished! The Police were called in, but after some desultory enquiries, nothing ever came of it. More paint was ordered and the job was completed in time for the Brickies to start on the block work. It was funny though, and probably coincidental, how on the hillsides surrounding us, it appeared that every shed and pigeoncote in the Garw was sporting a very fetching coat of grey paint.

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