Gwyn Williams

 Gwyn WilliamsGwyn Williams was born in Pontycymer in February 1922 but later moved with members of his family to Oxford. By 1938 Gwyn was a professional boxer. He served as a p a r a c h u t e instructor during World War 11, mostly in the Oxfordshire area, but in 1945 he was sent to France and Belgium where he had two fights In 1945 he became Welsh Featherweight Champion when he outpointed George Reynolds in Cardiff, a title he held until he moved up to Welterweight. When in 1948 he fought for the Welsh Welterweight Title, he lost on points to Eddie Thomas from Merthyr, who went on to be British, European and Empire Champion before training two boxers, Howard Winstone and Ken Buchanan, to become World Champions. Gwyn had beaten Eddie Thomas in an earlier fight so losing the title was a disappointment to him. Gwyn also lost to Ernie Roderick on points when he challenged him for the British Welterweight Title in Harringay. Gwyn retired from boxing in 1951 having won 56 of his 73 fights.

Researched by Ian Black

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  1. My father was born on the 8th February 1920 he was also Welsh Welterweight Champion when he fought
    Ernie Roderick for the British Title.

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