G.V.H.S. at Braichycymer / Pontyrhyl Jubilee Fete

On Monday the 4th of June, G.V.H.S. were invited to set up a stall outdors at the Braichycymmer / Pontrhyl Jubilee Fete. Our members arrived with plenty of time to set up the stall. Although we could not do our usual laptop and screen display we more than made up for it with several albums of old photographs of the area. By midday we were ready for business! The weather was cool and cloudy but at least the rain held off for the event. At first we were under constant aerial attack from the midges until Roger went home for some very welcome anti mosquito spray. The turnout for the fete itself was marvellous with visitors from all over the Garw Valley and quite a few tourists and cyclists from the cycle path. Our stall was kept very busy with people who came with their own photographs and stories of the area.We also had several purchases of the paperweights and greetings cards. We would like to congratulate the organisers for their considerable effort in putting on this event on behalf of their community.

We look forward to an invitation to next year’s fete.

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  1. So glad to know you are keeping up the good work. I read your website every week
    Remember me to everyone. Start of Winter here and the sun is shining ,not like Waikuku Beach where David and Louise are. SNOW !!!

  2. Dear Barbara,
    Lovely to hear from you again. You and your husband are sorely missed. I do try to get on this site every day, sometimes it is like flogging a dead horse?. But if we don’t use it we will lose it. We have had a few ‘gems’ of stories to follow up recently, I hope to get them added to the main site quite soon.

  3. It was really interesting looking at all your old photos in the Jubilee and looking forward to receiving the phot I ordered.

    Mrs Christine Rose
    3. Beech Rd,

    Tel no 07976713351

  4. Dear Mrs Rose,
    Glad you enjoyed the heritage stall. remember if you have any old photographs or interesting stories about the area we would be glad to see them. Your’e photo will be with you in due course.

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