Bonfire Night by Roy Davies

The Garw Valley Heritage Society are proud to present a story by Roy Davies, remembering his early days in the Garw.

In the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night, we are printing one part per week.

The following is an account of the author’s boyhood in the Garw Valley when gangs of boys collected anything and everything months in advance to build their bonfires for November 5th.

Part 1

The Boys

“Sshh……” the voice hissed in the darkness.

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Outdoor Pursuits

Years ago an elderly Betws gentleman, sadly no longer here, was well-known for his wealth of stories about what he used to get up to as a boy. He used to tell tales of rabbit hunting down on the old Port Talbot railway line, where he would snare them on both sides of the old…

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Chum – a short story

Chum Short Story by Roy Davies,  former Garw resident He could always smell the dogs’ pond a long way before he got to it and in the long hot stretches of summer it was always worse. “Pooh”, the groups of children walking on that side of the valley would say to each other.    “What a…

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An Ode To Betws

To follow our recent exhibition held in Betws, we thought readers might like to see this account made of a visitor to Betws well over 100 years ago- a poem printed in Granta Magazine in 1892. AN ODE TO BETWS  (After Eight Consecutive Days of Rain). “O! Nephele! Nymph, who reignest still. Whose canvassed charms…

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