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  1. the above photo of Marie Wiles and daughters is not accurate. The young person sitting is my mother, Margaret Rachel Wile, whilst the younger of the two persons standing is her cousin Rachel Margaret Wile and the elderly lady is their grandmother Margaret Wile nee Evans of Defynnog Brecon

  2. The centre photograph shows the frontage of Morgan Wile’s greengrocery fruiterers shop and the elderly gentleman is Morgan’s father John accompanied by Morgan’s third wife Hannah Wilkinson and an unidentified shop assistant from Bridgend road. John was the husband of Margaret in the third phograph.

  3. This is a family photograph of the Wile family circa 1906 John and Margaret are surrounded by their children viz eldest David, Morgan, William, Evan Nancy,and James, the eldest sonJohnny was killed at Cilely colliery, Tonyrefail four years previously.

  4. PS
    Information omitted from the third photo is that the baby seated on Margaret’s lap is the youngest of the siblings Marie, whom many people will remember kept the greengrocers shop next door to Genys Fox’s tobacconist shop in Oxford street,

  5. David Wile in Photo 3 was my grandfather. My mother, Dwynwen was one of his daughters, who married William John ( Jack ) Rees of Station road Lluest.
    I remember both family shops, Marie’s and Mock’s.
    My mother, her sister Gwyneth and brother Johnny were children of my grandfather’s first marriage.
    Children from a second marriage were, Marie; ( who married Windsor Jenkins and produced two sons, ) Beryl; Peggy; Joan; Dewi and Glyn. I also remember Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dave who had two sons, Maldwyn and Jan. I recall cousin Thelma, who worked for her father Mock, and later opened a little cafe on Oxford Street.

  6. My grandfather William James Price was the step son of Morgan Wile (John Wile’s brother). He had two half sister, Sarah Jane and Rose. I can remember my great aunt, Sarah Jane visiting my grandfather. She always carried a Gladstone bag and would bring me and my sister fruit instead of sweets that she had from the family shop. I also remember Nancy. If any of the family has a photograph of my step great grandfather, I would be very grateful to have a copy.

  7. Slight amendment. Thelma was Mock’s Grandaughter, not his daughter. Her mother was Margaret Rachel Jenkins (nee Wile) who was Mock’s daughter and her father was Percival (Percy) Jenkins.

  8. My 3 great grandmother is Eliza Wile who married John Pugsley. Eliza was the sister of the David Wile in these photos. She died in 1937 has anybody got any photos of her? Eliza and David’s mother Rachel Edwards died in 1908 and these photos were taken around 1906 so there’s probably photos showing Rachel somewhere too.

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