Tylagwyn Chapel Closure

It is sad to relate that this chapel will be closing on December 16th, with its final service at 11.30am.

Tylagwyn  Chapel is the oldest chapel in the valley, having opened in 1831  as Craig Wen Particular Baptist Cwmgarw. It was renamed in the 1880s after enlargement as Tylagwyn Baptist Chapel.

Older Garw residents have many tales to tell of its early days, and Heulwen Llywellyn, now deceased, remembered the days when Tylagwyn chapel held summer teas, which were followed by races down by the riverside near this spot, just upriver from the station house. Food and tea would be served in the chapel first, then they would all go down to the river for sporting activities on a flat piece of ground on the riverbank. For the tea party boards would be put on the back of the chapel’s pews to form tables. Some people had to kneel up on the pews to get their food whilst others sat on the seats. 

Please note: Anyone attending the final service on December 16th should wrap up well, as there is no heating there now.

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  1. I remember when thay used to baptize people there and thay would go to Mrs Richards to get dresed also it is said that they held services in no2 tylagwyn cottages before the chapel

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