Resurrection Cheese

About the years 1860-64, a Mr. Plowden, of Trefenty. Nr Llanfihangel, permitted a local shepherd to keep two cows on his land; the milk they gave enabled the shepherd to make some cheese which he sold on to supplement his wages.

The shepherd could not afford a cheese -press (peis), but being an enterprising fellow, he looked around for some suitable stone to suit his purpose, as in those days a farmhouse cheese could be up to 2 feet in diameter. On discovering a couple of fallen headstones in the grave-yard of a deserted church, he took a couple away, and after a bit of work re-shaping the stones he was happy with the finished job and put them to work immediately. However, he did not see that one of the stone presses bore the inscription ‘ In Memory of David Thomas’, and it was those words that came out clearly impressed into the new cheeses.

The shepherd took his wares to St Clears Market one day, and it was not long before he attracted several interested customers, one of whom remarked ‘You must have resurrected this cheese!’ This caused much laughter at the market, which attracted lots more potential customers for the new Trefenty ‘Resurrection Cheese’, (Caws yr Atgyfodiad.)

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