Taking Care

The following instructions were found within a book of carbon copy business letters dated between 4thJune 1914 and 9thJune 1914.

“Duties expected to be performed by the Caretaker of Tylagwyn Baptist Church”

  1. To unlock gate and doors for all services 10 minutes on week days and 15 minutes on       Sunday before published time of meeting.


  1. To take charge of the following; –

Communion Service, Tea Service, Boiler, Tables, Table Cloths, Baptismal Suit,       Mourning, and all draperies connected with Stages, Coal & Coke.


  1. To keep clean the Chapel Building by sweeping thoroughly and dusting weekly and washing out completely once at least every month.


  1. To clean Windows are required but especially before Half Yearly & Yearly Meetings.To keep all Ventilators clear of dust & sweepings.


  1. To thoroughly ventilate the Chapel, and to light the Gas prior to the Services commencing.


  1. To light up the Stove so that the Chapel shall be properly heated prior to the Service.


  1. To see that all lights are extinguished immediately after the Service & doors & gate properly locked.


  1. To keep the Chapel court and fully at back including the Urinal clear from all nuisance.


  1. To take charge of cupboard & keep contents in order.


  1. To see the Baptistery is kept clean.


  1. To wind & regulate the clock, and to draw attention of Officers to any repairs required from time to time, or any damage done to the property, and to take a funeral interest in the welfare of the place.


  1. One months notice to terminate contracts on either side.


  1. Ll. Thomas(Secy.)
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  1. Great history can someone give me a contact for the Carpenter Bus line family in Bryngarw?

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