Poisoned by Wild Carrots

Poisoned by Wild Carrots

Seven Garw Children Affected

All the children were poisoned by eating ‘Wild Carrots’ (Daucus Carota,Queen Ann’s Lace.) which they found on the mountainside whilst playing. Four of the children, two boys and two girls belonging to Mr.William Griffiths. The elder boy partook lavishly of the roots, eating between eight or nine and therefore his condition was considered the most dangerous.

Artificial Respiration was used constantly by the three doctors present. Convulsions set in and he was considered a lost cause, but by 7.30 that evening he was thought to be out of danger at last. Two other children belonged to a Mr. John Hughes also suffered badly. The other child was belonging to Mr. John Elsbury.  

Some symptoms of ‘Wild Carrot’ poisoning are: nausea, vomiting, confusion, racing heart, paralysis, seizures.


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