Beryl’s Brush

As a reminder that Spring-cleaning may soon be necessary, one of the Garw’s older residents, Beryl Roberts has sent us this poem that she wrote one Spring.

No batteries in its spotted handle
No computer in its red and blue head
No mouth to feed, just a weekly wash,
And that is all it needs.

We glide along as we hum our song
And it always is a pleasure
To say hello to the folk we know-
That’s something I’ll always treasure.

The Garw streets are not paved in gold:
Their cobbles green with lichen
Carry the scars of the miners’ feet;
That’s why we are there to brighten.

I’m proud to be a Valley Girl,
That’s why I wield my brush.
I want to see the Valley clothed With that special touch.

I want to see it filled
In beautiful shades of green,
Filled with flowers, love and folk,
A sight for all to be seen.

And that is why I wield my special brush.

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