Digital Bridgend, and what it means for Bridgend’s Heritage

With more and more people owning smartphones and tablets, and being able to use these devices to access all sorts of information, Digital Bridgend has been set up in the County to provide users with exceptional opportunities to engage with our heritage.

The project, funded by resources from Bridgend County Borough Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Welsh Government,  has been centred around the following  ‘Heritage Hubs’, which have been identified through consultation with local businesses, charities and voluntary organisations:

Bridgend and its castles,

Porthcawl and the coast, the

Ogmore Valley,

Maesteg and the Llynfi Valley

and the Garw Valley. 

Codes such as this when scanned by a smartphone will lead to the different points of interest in the area.

 Central to the project will be the development of digital skills in the local communities via study tours and workshops, helping to present information in an entertaining and informative manner. In turn this project will help attract and sustain interest in our unique heritage for the future.

The GVHS is proud to state that it has been instrumental in providing resources for the ‘Garw Hub’, particularly through the efforts of Colin, the Society’s photographer and Digital expert. His input has been greatly appreciated by the County’s advisors on the scheme.

More information will be available soon from public notices, as well as future newsletters.

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