Index of Archived Photographs

The society is busy cataloging and indexing all the photos it receives. Here is the most recent index of archived photographs and it will be updated often. Click here for the document to download and search locally on your computer.

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  1. hello. photos in the archives are not yet online….. we will be posting them in the gallery as soon as possible though, so watch this space!

  2. you can always drop them off at our next meeting. the date is on our front page. or email us directly and we can arrange to pick them up from you. thanks!

  3. do you mean send you photos directly? we will be putting them up here first, so keep an eye out on this page…..

  4. Hi great site what goes on in your meeting’s how long do they last and how much does it cost? I foundan old photo which had my dad (whacker) in it for Blaengarw rugby in 1958/9 which was very nice. I will be awaiting mor uplaods . Kind regards keep up the good work,Kenneth Ward.,

  5. Thanks, we meet the first thursday each month once a month for about an hour. We ask £1 to join and then make small (voluntary) donations each monthly meeting. Thanks for the comment!

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