Spring Newsletter 2013

We have just published our Spring 2013 newsletter, which will be distributed throughout the Garw Valley. You can find it in libraries, Bryngarw House and other public buildings, or you can download it here.

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  1. I would love to see and hear more news from the Garw Valley.I was born in 18 Richard Street,Pontycymer and my dad was a coalminer,Bryn Harris and my mother cleaned at Ffaldau Primary school.
    I was one of the first pupils at the Welsh School on Braichycymmer Road.Miss Bissett was the Headmistress and Miss Lewis was my teacher. I attended with Tecwyn,Dewi & Robert Thomas,Philip Rees. Susan Fox, Maragret O’Neill, Buddug Owen to name but a few.I would love to hear from others who attended.
    I am currently living in America in Madison Wisconsin. Please get back to me,thanks so much David

  2. David, I’ve recently written a small article on the school and I have a few photos of the Day Register there. Give me your E Mail address and I’ll send them over to you. Regards, David Jones – PS: You know me, I’m Ian Russell’s mate and I played for the 33 boys club.

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