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A member of our society, Colin Davies has asked for help in identifying these people. He asks, “Please does anyone recognise themselves, or a member of their family, in the photos?  They were taken about 1948/1949 in the yard of my mother’s old home Maes-y Deri, just up behind Llangeinor Railway Stn.  My mother and I appear in one photo but I have no idea who the other two boys or the young girl were.  My late mother told me that the girl lived in “The Bungalow” which stood further up the road towards Llangeinor House.  Hopefully all the others in the photos are still with us.  Thank you.”

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Why not get in touch with Roy Ellis as he has lived most of his life in Llangeinor.
    Also Alan John who now lives on Bettws road and is also an old Llangeinor resident

  2. Thank you Barbara for your replies I will try and contact Mr Ellis and Mr John as soon as possible.


  3. hi i live in maes y deri now,nice to see the pictures,my father lives in the bungalow at the top of the hill(hill view),i will ask him who was living in the bungalow at that time

  4. the other 2 young boys could have been from the waun wen cottages across the road from maes y deri

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