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  1. Is that Billy Rees to the right of the Goalkeeper? If so, it would be Carn Rovers.

  2. The one in the middle is Robert Fearn and the one to the left of him is Aaron Rees both lived up carn and played for Carn Rovers

  3. hi,
    I think these men played rugby for Wales
    Jeff Young
    Boyo James
    John Devereux
    Cyril Thomas
    Lyn Davies
    Tyssul Griffiths, Ike Owens, George Hughes, had Wartime Caps.
    Hope these details are correct
    Regards Barbara

  4. It would probably be Carn Rovers. There are four members of the Rees family who lived at No 3 Carn Terrace (now demolished). Aaron, Ben, Glyn and my father, Billy Rees, who went on to play soccer for Wales.

  5. it is carn rovers, i have a smiliar one with my father in law in it. I think its Mark Royals father or possible uncle, and Doug Richards

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