Bonfire Night – Part 2

Part 2, The Collection

There weren’t many articles and materials that could be burnt which remained inside people’s homes and gardens in the weeks leading up to bonfire night. Up and down the valley groups of boys – and some girls – scoured the mountainside tips for anything which would burn and which could be manhandled to the open space at the top of their street. In the weeks since they had been back at school they had knocked all the doors in that area of the valley begging ‘anything for the bomfire?’ and like some army of ants they had carried off in sacks or on their backs the materials people had decided could finally be disposed of.

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Bonfire Night by Roy Davies

The Garw Valley Heritage Society are proud to present a story by Roy Davies, remembering his early days in the Garw.

In the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night, we are printing one part per week.

The following is an account of the author’s boyhood in the Garw Valley when gangs of boys collected anything and everything months in advance to build their bonfires for November 5th.

Part 1

The Boys

“Sshh……” the voice hissed in the darkness.

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Ffaldau Primary Produces World War 2 Film

Well done to Ffaldau Primary School Eagles Class for producing a wonderful video on World War 2 in the Garw Valley. This film was made by Year 5 and Year 6 pupils in Eagles class at Ffaldau Primary School. It was part of their ‘Blitz’ project and they made the film to show off their ICT skills. The…

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A Walk In The Garw: 1908

  A farmhouse stands high above the Garw Valley, right on the edge of the steep hillside – with thick walls and comfortable low built rooms. In front of the house a clump of fir trees stand, as a bold landmark for the neighbourhood. It has been the home of many generations of yeoman farmers,…

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